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Hot Seat Group Coaching

Live Webinar @ 11AM EST - March 29th 2021

Webinar Host: Louis Grenier

This is not just your standard online webinar. This is designed for founders who are ready to make a difference in their industry. For founders who want to radically stand out in a sea of competitors and attract the customers they love and respect.

Louis Grenier consults and teaches radical differentiation, and is the host of the Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast.

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Free event: Finding and Owning Your Initial Acquisition Channels

Live Webinar @ 1pm EST - March 31st 2021

Webinar Host: Craig Zingerline

This webinar is for founders and marketers looking to get started and nailing their customer acquisition channels.

Join us to get started with acquisition!

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6-week intensive programs & weekly workshops throughout the year

Growth University runs intensive 6-week programs in growth, including our flagship Mastering Growth program, our Paid Acquisition Deep Dive programs, and more. We run weekly growth workshops with industry leaders focused on helping you become a growth master.

Upcoming programs

We'll announce new cohorts here as we go, and will always be running at least one core program.

Finding your first 10 customers

Starting week of April 5th

Growing a startup is hard, but the initial months or years are especially challenging. You dive into something you love only to find out the hard way just how difficult it is to actually find customers (or users) who love your product.

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Google Deep Dive 6 Week Program

Starting week of April 12th.

Learn how to leverage Google to run profitable ad campaigns from day one. 

We dive deep into all aspects of running profitable ad campaigns - 6-week courses on Google (and Facebook) with marketing expert Jen Bryan.

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Mastering Growth

Cohort 4 starts the week of April 19th.

Our current cohort is running. Sign up for our waitlist to be notified of the next session, or become a member to join events until then. 

Our programs fill up fast! Become a member and join the next cohort!

Our flagship program with an NPS score of 82.

Our incredibly popular course includes 6 weeks of live weekly lectures, supplementary content, guest speakers, case studies, and more.

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Want to just get started free? Enroll in Growth 101

Looking to get a basic overview of growth? Join our free Growth 101 course - with content sent to you every week for 6 weeks.

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Matt Johnson, Taskable

"The hour I spent every week in Growth University easily saved me 10-20 hours of trying to figure things out on my own, and likely getting wrong the first time around.

I can't recommend this course enough for all founders who want to nail their growth strategy without reinventing the wheel."

Bethany Schoengarth, Healium

"Craig's content was incredibly helpful for our growth areas that needed more attention. He provided helpful templates to help us track and measure the KPIs that matter most.

Not only did he provide step-by-step, in-depth action items that you can implement TODAY, he also invited guest speakers to further elaborate on relevant topics. This isn't fluff material. The pace of the class was perfect enough to give us time to apply the actions in between each session.

As a young company, you probably don't have a lot of resources to throw around, but this is a course worthy of the investment."