6-week deep dives into paid acquisition Courses

We run 6-week programs in Facebook & Google. 

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Find your target customers using Facebook.

Our instructors are world class performance marketers that have scaled startups using paid acquisition. Our programs go deep into channel strategies and provide you with the tools to get started and go deep.

About The Trainer:

Jen Bryan is an award winning paid acquisition specialist with an honours masters degree in Digital Marketing Strategies. Jen is the Director of Growth here at Launch Growth University as well as being a course creator and host. Jen has extensive experience working with start-ups and founders and their paid acquisition both in an agency and in-house capacity. Jen has helped companies across Ireland, UK and USA leverage phenomenal growth both nationally and internationally through paid acquisition channels.

Program format: Live with supplemental content

Our deep dive programs are 6-week live virtual courses with pre-recorded supplemental lessons. The typical week has:

  • 1 hour of instructional content
  • Access to office hours & personalized feedback
  • Homework to help you put the content to work

Our expectation is that you’ll spend 1-2 hours per week focusing on the deep dive content.

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Purchase Options

When you sign up for membership with Growth University you get all the benefits of continuous learning and growth on an ongoing basis. That includes access to this course with no additional feed or in the case of Angel membership with a $250 discount.

We also provide once off payment options for specific courses.

Angel Stage


You’re just getting started and you are looking for a community to grow and learn from. With angel membership you get access to our member only community, member only events with expert speakers and a $250 discount to any live cohort course if you’d like to dig a little deeper into your business growth. You also get free access to our Growth 101 course to get you started.

Plan includes:

  • Access to weekly live events & workshops (and recordings if you can't make each session)
  • Access to our members only community space
  • Invite to our slack group of over 200 peers
  • Occasional access to 1:1 office hours with Growth University mentors
  • $250 off drop-in program costs (i.e. Mastering Growth, Paid Acquisition Deep Dives, etc.)

Seed Stage


Your company is growing, you’re looking for product market fit. You know you need to start your business growth journey but don’t want to fall into the common pitfalls. This membership gives you access to the member only community, events, priority access to courses for free, and 1:1 access to experts to chat about your business. The perfect package to dive deeper into your business growth.

Plan includes everything in angel stage plus:

  • Single seat to unlimited number of full programs throughout the year
  • Unlimited access to pre-recorded expert material built for our community
  • First access to limited size workshops & micro courses
  • 15 minutes of 1:1 office hours per month with Growth University Mentors ($75 value)

Scale Stage


Top features

You’ve gotten through the initial product fit stage of business and you’re getting all the right signals to start scaling. This membership is perfect for teams who are looking for access to courses and a community but also need more dedicated help. With this membership you get additional 1:1 access to experts, 2 free places on every course and full access to all our other member benefits.

Plan includes everything in angel & seed plus including:

  • Two seats to unlimited number of full programs throughout the year
  • Dedicated Growth University mentor & 1 hour of 1:1 time allocated to your company per month ($300 value)
  • Option to join exclusive mastermind group of growth experts for private monthly chats
One Seat - One Off Course Access (Non-Member Course Purchase)
Two Seats - One Off Course Access (Non-Member Course Purchase)


Shun @ Remotehour

"These sessions are very informative…I share every lesson with our growth team...to come up with new marketing actions. Of course, I would recommend this.."

Lucas @ TRIBU

"10/10! Its awesome....Honestly its great...I know I could dedicate at least an entire day a week right now as there is so much content to consume and implement..."

Dan @ PokerCoaching.com

Everything inside Growth University... from the weekly sessions to the expert guests to the office hours with Craig... has been tremendously insightful and actionable.

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