Finding your initial customers

Practical ways to find & acquire your initial customers.

6-week program

Starting 4/6/21

Finding your initial customers.

Growing a startup is hard, but the initial months or years are especially challenging. You dive into something you love only to find out the hard way just how difficult it is to actually find customers (or users) who love your product.

This course is a practical deep dive into understanding how to get started finding your initial customers. We'll cover:

  • How "normal" startups (i.e. not just the ones you see in Techcrunch, but the rest of us) and high growth startups alike found their initial customers.
  • Understanding how to talk about the value your product provides.
  • How to leverage conversational outreach to get prospective customers on the phone. 
  • How to run quick channel experiments to find a signal on customer acquisition.
  • Why more building doesn't mean more leads or customers.
  • How B2B and B2C acquisition efforts overlap and diverge. 

This 6-week program will provide materials such as outreach scripts & sample content, phone interview ideas, initial channel experiment templates, sample advertising guidelines, & more.


Program format: Live with supplemental content

Our deep dive programs are 6-week live virtual courses with pre-recorded supplemental lessons. The typical week has:

  • 1 hour of instructional content
  • Access to office hours & personalized feedback
  • Templates to help you put the content to work

Our expectation is that you’ll spend 1-2 hours per week focusing on the deep dive content.

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Shun @ Remotehour

"These sessions are very informative…I share every lesson with our growth come up with new marketing actions. Of course, I would recommend this.."

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"10/10! Its awesome....Honestly its great...I know I could dedicate at least an entire day a week right now as there is so much content to consume and implement..."

Dan @

Everything inside Growth University... from the weekly sessions to the expert guests to the office hours with Craig... has been tremendously insightful and actionable.

Program starting 4/6/21. Become a member to join.

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